Modern Lightweight Armor

Our Technology

Advanced Composite Manufacturing

We are driven by a desire to innovate and become the leader in the field of bullet-resistant technologies. We are steadily researching new developments, including advanced composites, polymer technologies, and patented resin compounds. These technologies are then paired together in a matrix giving our products revolutionary capabilities.

  • What are Advanced Composites?

Advanced composite materials are generally characterized as materials that exhibit optimal strength to weight ratio characteristics. Composite materials typically include unusually high strength fibers with unusually high stiffness, or modulus of elasticity characteristics, compared to other materials, while bound together by a weaker matrix. The end result in the aggregate are separate materials combined to offer a very strong and much less dense material.

Explanation: We employ and develop Aerospace Composite-grade materials that exhibit structural properties that are stronger, lighter, and more durable than current ballistic materials used today.

    • What is Polymer Technology and Resin?

    Synthetic resins are typically produced at large industrial volumes and are available in a range of viscosities. Most resins are easily converted into rigid polymers by the process of curing.

    Explanation: We infuse aerospace composites with an engineered resin compound that is cured making them rigid, tough, and durable. The end result is a combination of materials that are very strong and bullet resistant across a range of very low to very high temperatures.