Quick Reaction Shield (QRS) – NIJ IIIA+

The Quick Reaction IIIA+ Shield or “QRS” was designed for teams who operate in confined spaces. The QRS is uniquely suited for use on commercial aircraft, mass transit systems, school buses, and narrow openings where other larger shield options simply won’t work. By utilizing aerospace composite materials coupled with our patented polymer technology we can achieve outstanding ballistic protection in a lightweight shield that exceeds the NIJ Standard-0108.01 IIIA standard.

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  • NIJ Standard-0108.01 IIIA+
  • Overall dimensions 18"x30".
  • Overall weight 16 lbs.
  • Textured Face / Loop backing.
  • With or without viewport.
  • Aerospace Composite and Polymer Ballistic Construction.
  • Ambidextrous Angled or Straight Bar Handle.
  • Durable Edge Wrap Protection.
  • Closed-cell forearm pad.
  • Custom Sizes available upon request.


  • Viewport options 4″x10″ and 6″x13″ curved
  • Tri-Grip or Horizontal handle
  • Tri-Grip with Elzetta light kit
  • Horizontal handle with FoxFury Taker B70 light kit
  • Forearm pads 5”x9” or 6″x10″
  • Forearm strap on the back of the shield
  • Agency lettering on strike face
  • Custom sizes available upon request