Patrol Shield – NIJ IIIA+

  • The Patrol Shield was developed at the request of teams wanting to carry shields in their vehicles in response to Active Shooter Threats.
  • The Patrol Shield’s design makes it not only exceptionally capable of stopping IIIA and special thread rounds. It’s also able to withstand extreme heat and is warp-resistant unlike many PE shields on the market today. Therefore, you don’t ever have to worry about storing this shield in your vehicle or trunk.
  • By utilizing aerospace composite materials coupled with our patented polymer technology we can achieve outstanding ballistic protection in a lightweight shield that exceeds the NIJ Standard-0108.01 IIIA standard.

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  • NIJ Standard-0108.01 IIIA+
  • Overall dimensions 20"x34"
  • Overall weight 16 lbs.
  • Textured Face / Loop backing.
  • With or without viewport.
  • Aerospace Composite and Polymer Ballistic Construction.
  • Ambidextrous Angled or Straight Bar Handle.
  • Durable Edge Wrap Protection.
  • Closed-cell forearm pad.
  • Custom Sizes available upon request.


  • Viewport options 4″x10″ and 6″x13″ curved
  • Tri-Grip or Horizontal handle
  • Tri-Grip with Elzetta light kit
  • Horizontal handle with FoxFury Taker B70 light kit
  • Forearm pads 5”x9” or 6″x10″
  • Forearm strap on the back of the shield
  • Agency lettering on strike face
  • Custom sizes available upon request