Ares 1 – NIJ IIIA+

  • The Ares 1 helmet is built to exceed NIJ Standard-0101.06 Level IIIA+ specs for 9mm, 357 sig, and 44 Magnum.
  • Additionally, the Ares 1 helmet is capable of defeating 16 gr RCC Frag and 17 gr FSP frag. and it provides the wearer with AR/PD 10-02 Mil-Spec Blunt Trauma protection on all sides and the crown.
  • With a total weight of a full-cut helmet coming in at 3.6 lbs, this is the lightest Level IIIA+ frag-rated helmet on the market.
  • By utilizing a matrix of aerospace composite materials, aramid fibers, and our patented polymer technologies we can deliver a helmet that provides superior multi-hit ballistic protection as well as frag and blunt trauma protection in an extraordinarily lightweight Level IIIA+ helmet.
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Threat Protection:

  • NIJ Standard-0101.06 Level IIIA+.
  • 9mm 124gr FMJ RN 1400 fps.
  • 357 sig 125gr FMJ 1480 fps.
  • 44 Mag 240gr SJHP 1430 fps.
  • 16gr RCC Frag - V50 2622 fps.
  • 17gr FSP Frag - V50 2235 fps.
  • 5.7x28mm (FN57) SS197 blue tip, SS195 HP.
  • Independently tested to exceed NIJ Standard-0101.06 Level IIIA+.
  • The high-cut helmet weighs 3.2 lbs for the full system - shell weight is 2.2 lbs
  • The full-cut helmet weighs 3.6 lbs with pads & retention system, shell weight is 2.9 lbs
  • Exceeds DEA and FBI Ballistic Research Helmet Testing Protocols for 9mm & 44 Mag BFD
  • Exceeds VPAM 3 and HPQ-TP0401.018 Sec.9 with a maximum BFD of 11mm


  • ACH style helmet available in full, mid, and high cut
  • 7 pad memory foam padding
  • 4-point adjustable harness or upgrade to the BOA adjustable suspension system
  • Wilcox three-hole NVG shroud
  • Accessory rails for mounting accessories and ear protection
  • Available colors Black, OD Green, Tan
  • Sizes S/M and L/XL shells available