616 Forearm Shield – NIJ IIIA+ & IV

  • The 616 Forearm IIIA+ and IV is designed to be carried in the vehicle door pocket or motorcycle saddlebag so it can be quickly deployed at a moment’s notice.
  • With NIJ Standard-0108.01 independent testing from OBL, this small personal forearm shield provides both ballistic and stab 3 protection for the user.
  • By utilizing aerospace composite materials coupled with our patented polymer technology we can achieve outstanding ballistic protection in a lightweight shield that exceeds the standard.

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  • NIJ Standard-0108.01 IIIA+ and IV (Independently tested)
  • Textured Face / Loop backing
  • Straight Bar Handle
  • Durable Edge Wrap Protection


  • Level IIIA+, 10x19, 0.3” / 7.62 mm thick, 2.3 lbs.
  • Level IV, 10x19, 0.65” /16.51mm thick, 6.8 lbs.


  • Light with handle available.
  • Fox Fury B70 light is the light of choice for this setup.